Fem Org – Best feminine wash

Fem Org is 100% organic Feminine Wash Fem Org is an antiseptic mucolytic vaginal douche with rose odor for all types of vaginitis and a strong anti-bacterial  & antifungal agent.

Orgado – wound healing cream

Orgado cream for wound and burns was originally developed for the local and systemic treatment of burns. It has been found that the cream, when applied topically to the burn wounds, liquefies and removes necrotic tissues, meanwhile protects and promotes the regeneration of residual viable skin tissues. During the entire treatment, wounds are kept in a physiological moist environment

Movido – massage cream

Movido pain relief cream is made of 100% organic herbal ingredients such as Methyl salicylate, Eucalyptus, Menthol, Paraffin oil that not only helps you get rid of the pain and reduce irritation and swelling around the affected area but, also contributes to the healing process.