Our Company

Organic Pharma is an Egyptian company that Established in 2013 and has grown to become a unique Cosmeceutical & nutraceutical company unit engaged in providing prescribed innovative natural products having unique values. Our objective is to provide new medicine and healthcare products with superior efficacy, convenience, tolerability, and safety.


committed to provide sustainable living commonplace through natural innovative medical solutions for better life and our logo is a visual expression of that commitment. Each icon has a rich meaning at its core, and represents some aspect of our effort to make sustainable living commonplace.

Plant leaves

A symbol of the natural world we inhabit. It represents our commitment to reducing environmental impact across our value chain – from how we source raw materials, to our manufacturing operations, to the way consumers cook, clean and wash with our products.

Particles & its waves

Symbol of reference cleanliness, freshness and vigor to science and our ongoing commitment to find new innovative ways to improve the lives of our consumers.

Pharmaceutical capsule

A symbol of strong heritage of positive change of innovative natural medical solution into effective products. This core value still lies at the heart of our business today.

Organic Portfolio

Organic pharma has specialized Portfolio in certain two Main Categories;   cosmeceuticals for Orthopedics, Gynecology & Surgery                              Nutraceuticals for Orthopedics, Gynecology, Surgery, Pediatrics & Internal medicines. We develop and manufacture our products through our dedicated R & D to ensure not only health today but also, a healthy tomorrow.

Our Market

In Egypt, Organic pharma directed to penetrate the Egyptian market with an innovative idea; Business units (B.Us); through dividing it into 6 B.Us, These B.Us will be responsible for the promotion of our portfolio.

Export, organic pharma planning to penetrate the African market in 2020 through innovative & creative 10 cosmeceuticals & to penetrate the Middle East market with 10 nutraceutical Medical solutions.


Organic Pharma committed to GMP (good manufacturing practice) set by the WHO (World health organization) and any updated standards that lead us to be matched with international brands.

Importing Raw Materials

Due to the company’s management which always assured best quality medications, Organic Pharma imports it’s Raw materials from several different trusted reliable sources from all over the world, especially Asia, India and Europe.

Organic at Glance



Our Values

  • Customer focus
  • Community
  • Respect for people
  • Performance
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge into action

Our Strategy

Organic pharma intends to build a strong strategy to lead us to achieve our purpose of making sustainable living commonplace through innovative, wide range, natural medical solutions. To realize our vision, we have invested in a long-term strategy of categories and brands that deliver growth to the benefit of all stakeholders.



Now we manufacture our products in reputable plants; Italia For Cosmeceuticals  & Pharmazad and Medicare for nutriceuticals. Our ambitious plan aims to own our plant in 2020, the plant will provide both cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products of our two lines which cover all government

Our Mission

Our company mission statement is “To manufacturing our medical solutions with international standards and make it valuable and universally accessible”.

Our Vision

Organic pharma vision statement is “ To provide Customers with innovative , Cost Effective, natural Medical Solution in one Product.”

Our Strategy

Our strategy is conducted to from our experience in balancing economic growth with ecological and social responsibility. ORGANIC PHARMA regards itself as a member of the public and believes it needs society’s long-term approval to be able to act entrepreneurially. We allocate our strategy by long-term guides of values in the implementation of our strategy.

Our ValueOrganic Pharma